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Hello I'm lawFellowDaen, a tutor on Studypool for the past year.My sole aim is Dedication and commitment to professional academic help that will help revolutionise the industry.I am excellent in the fields of academic writing,articles, business and the fields of commerce and accounting.Constant and continued support to my students has proved vital to their eventual success and my students can attest to my high quality answers and further follow ups on edits and vague questions.My reviews speak for themselves and only desire drives my ambition to do my very best.Do not hesitate to reach out to me for help and trust me I'll give you nothing but the best!

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"Great work! Delivers work within time frame is very communicative! Thank you!"

Nov 25th, 2019


"my instructor wasnt clear on her expectations so it was hard to correctly do the assignment"

Aug 4th, 2019