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I have eight years of tutoring experience at both the high school and university level. I have also taught for five years at the university level classes from introduction to chemistry all the way to upperclassmen level sections.

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Sep 14th, 2017


"excellent work and submitted before the deadline "

Sep 7th, 2017


"Great work! Well-written"

Sep 4th, 2017


"Thhey gave quality service, and very good work."

Sep 1st, 2017

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"Answer did not meet the requirements"

Aug 23rd, 2017


"Great work and extra help!"

Aug 16th, 2017


"I needed to get answers about MMS solution, namely how many milligrams (mgs) of Chlorine Dioxide were in 1 ml of solution (note, each manufacturer of MMS solution has different amounts). While searching for the answer, I found this link from the EPA regarding safe levels of Chlorine Dioxide in food preparation/ingestion on the ATSDR CDC public health website (article is 'Public Health Statement for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite'). While over the last several years I have generally been skeptical about gvt/CDC/EPA guidelines, they are all I had to work with after extensively researching safe levels of Chlorine Dioxide. No one in the healing, "woo woo" MMS community could properly answer the question. I emailed every MMS seller/manufacturer I could find. Thanks to Studypool's Chem Professor (this provider), I now know the answer (for the solution I purchased. Each solution is different). Now, with knowledge, I can make an informed decision about MMS. Now I know exactly how much Chlorine Dioxide is in a suggested dose of MMS when using Jim Humble's Guide. I am still not convinced about MMS. Still researching it. I want to know the long term effects of using it even on a short-term basis. Since, sometimes treatments have unknown effects that don't show up until months, years, or decades later. Stay hungry for knowledge and answers. This site is a great place for knowledge. Pull up a chair and have a beer at the knowledge bar and definitely Chem Professor is a great source for answers. Cheers! "

Aug 13th, 2017



Aug 11th, 2017