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Hi! I'm TutorAR and I've been tutoring on Studypool for the past 4 years. My goal has always been to not only provide academic support for my students but also share efficient learning strategies that empower them to become successful in terms of achieving their academic goals. I excel in the category of business studies, statistics, and quantitative techniques/mathematics, research, religious studies, science, and psychology. I will give my best to guarantee the eventual success of all my students. I'm looking forward to the chance to work with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out by contacting me using the messaging feature if you're unsure about what questions I can answer.

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"thanks , but so much repeating in the text and had to fix it by myself "

Feb 15th, 2020



Feb 4th, 2020


"Great job"

Feb 1st, 2020