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Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors who can answer them. Using Studypool gives you access to thousands of verified tutors to help you with any question at any time.

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Step 1

Sign up and post your academic question. Set a time limit and price range. Choose to make the post anonymous if you do not want your username to be seen. You have the option to make the question private. If you’re in a time crunch, select “study emergency.”

Step 2

Receive bids from verified tutors who want to help you. You have the option to select a tutor by comparing reviews, statistics, and profiles or have Studypool automatch you based on who our moderators think would provide the best answer.

Step 3

Sit back and relax while your tutor provides you with a thorough answer to your question. Use the messenger feature if you’re looking to have a collaborative experience or need to further explanation on a question. You only pay if you are satisfied with their services.

Studypool features


Just like the privacy of working with tutors in real life, we give you the option to make your questions and answers 100% private. This hides your question from web browsers so no one besides you and your tutor can see your question.


Studypool gives you complete control over how you learn. Our site allows you to ask questions tailored to your specific needs and our tutors are ready to answer them on demand, 24/7.


All tutors on our platform go through a strict background check to verify their education and authenticity. As we put a high emphasis on quality, tutors who do not perform up to a certain standard will be removed from the site.

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