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I am currently a PhD student at The University of Adelaide, Australia. Before that, I worked as a lecturer for five years at the University of Benin, Nigeria. There, I tutored undergraduate students courses in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. Studypool’s a great option for me because I easily get distracted in my free time and I figure I’d rather be making money and getting better at what I do rather than procrastinating.
I'm a fully bilingual tutor (English and Italian) with experience in high school and college level courses. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering, which means I am great at maths, physics, and circuits. I'm also knowledgeable in subjects within the Arts. While I work as a teaching assistant and editor, I also love refreshing my knowledge in introductory materials because I believe that reading over and reviewing things more than once brings new insights. Rather than reviewing from a textbook, I believe that actively teaching someone and helping them understand a concept from their own perspective is key to this review, and Studypool is my number one choice for that.
I have been tutoring students since 1994. I started tutoring students during summer holidays and discovered the amazing world of teaching. Since then, I have helped hundreds of students improve their marks in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Really, I think Studypool has revolutionized my experience with students because I’m able to reach people all over the world now instead of just in my localities!
I helped fellow student in Maths and Science when was at London Metropolitan University. Been tutoring Computer Science to high school students. Also, I ran lectures on use of computers for elderly people for two years. I tutor web design aspects to my clients as well. Studypool has allowed me to do these same things from a remote basis and helped me focus my attention and become more productive with my work.


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Adelaide, Australia

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Armidale, Australia

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Sydney, Australia

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Melbourne, Australia


Studypool is the undisputed standard for delivering premium and individualized academic work. It is a preeminent platform focusing on the specific needs demanded by those seeking private educational services. Our company is dedicated in helping you achieve stellar grades and a commendable academic streak.

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We operate on the basis of a micro-tutoring platform, which means that our services specialize with one-on-one academic needs. As a college or high school student, your life is often filled with a number of obligations and commitments, whether they relate to club activities such as sports or a job. Not everyone is really good at writing under deadlines either.

Think about it, how many times have you heard regrets like “I wish I had done this paper earlier”, “I can write an solid essay, but it simply takes too long”, or “It’s really hard for me to start, but it’s easy once I get the words down”. Studypool is unique because it provides the opportunity for these students to save an incredible amount of time.

Our tutors are veritable research specialists who can help guide students who are stuck or confused by pointing them to a number of credible, relevant resources expedite the research process. Additionally, our tutors stress the importance of organization and clarity in ideas, and employ a very hands-on approach when dealing with students struggling with the requirements of academic work.

In summary, Studypool possesses a collection of dedicated, amiable, and expert tutors that are incredibly willing to give you the necessary help in order to achieve significant academic results.