Students love it, teachers are incorporating it, and parents are catching on. Everyone is scrambling to keep up with edutech and its latest trends. Education technology is becoming a household term popping up in Internet articles, classrooms and school, social media, and at the dinner table. For those of you who are still catching on, edutech is technology facilitating learning and improving academic performance through online technical systems and resources. Technology is pioneering a new plane for education, changing the way that we think about doing homework, studying, and completing tests. Young entrepreneurs and students have the edutech world at their fingertips and are shaping it to fit their needs.

  Specifically for college students, this new generation of education technology will expand the possibilities of how they choose to learn. With online mentoring, tutoring, homework help, and every kind of calculator you can think of, college students have all the help they need at their disposal and most importantly it is up to them to determine how to use it.

  With this new technology in use geographical and linguist barriers can be easily broken to provide quality instruction and information to any college student who seeks it. We already live in a generation considered to have a plethora of information at our fingertips, but with edutech learning is becoming more immediate and students are more willing to reach out for help from tutors in an online setting. Not to mention this method of tutoring is increasingly time efficient and easier on pocket books, two things college students can’t get enough of!

  The edutech movement is seemingly congruent with the 21st-century and improves and prompts skills such as communication, creativity, and innovation as well as growing popularity of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It creates a new vision of learning becoming more student-initiated as they reach out to connect with others and receive help on their difficult subjects. The impact that this is having on college students is something that will change learning forever and for the better. Studies will be less rigid and more flexible to fit individual students needs as learning becomes more interactive with an emphasis on the building online community of knowledge. 

Written by Hunter Dupee November 23rd, 2014