3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your College Relationships

Some students in college lock themselves away in their dorm rooms or hiding out in libraries all in the name of a perfect GPA. The thing is, in their efforts to solidify a perfect academic reputation for themselves, they often overlook the benefits of the personal connections that can be made during this time.

Go to Your Professor’s Office Hours

Before your professors became researchers and lecturers, they were out in the world wearing your shoes and gaining real life experiences. They’re one of the biggest assets when it comes to succeeding academically and preparing for life outside of college. They have the ability to quite literally make the world your oyster if you only let them. Not only can they be the perfect resource for career advice, then can help you to navigate the waters of internship and job applications by setting you up with their connections. It’s here that it becomes key to engage with your professors beyond the typical setting of a classroom.

Most students feel intimidated by the notion of approaching their professors, but they really shouldn’t. Professors get into these positions because they want to make the world a better place by helping students to learn and flourish. Your first step in taking the initiative to make the most out of your relationship with your professor should start before you even enter their classroom. As soon as you receive your student syllabus from your professor, try to reach out to them. Introduce yourself and your interest in their class. At the end of your first class go up and speak to them. Continue to get the most out of this relationship by coming to each class on time and going to their office hours.

Get Your Feet Wet with Student Organizations

Getting involved with student organizations is not only a perfect way to make friends when you’re new to campus but also get involved with networking. Most of the organizations at your school will be chartered by national organizations. These small groups on campus can do a lot to help you meet with people outside of your college and make potential career connections. Student-led groups that surround fraternities, student government or honor societies can be a great way to network with the top players in those fields. Typically, these groups hold local events in which leaders and figures will speak or provide opportunities to get more involved with volunteer work.

As you consider the on-campus groups and organizations you want to join, think about the type of leadership roles you would like to take on. Rising to the top in an organization can help you to stay on the radar of influential alumni.

Make Friends in The Dorm

If going to parties and hanging out with neighbors all of the time, isn’t your thing that’s okay. Some students look forward to their college years because it means an opportunity to learn. Still, getting involved with the neighbors down the hall isn’t a bad idea. For one, there will be a time in your college career that you will find you need some emotional support. Creating reliable friendships within your dorm will help you in scenarios where your books alone won’t be able to comfort you. What’s more, the dorms provide an environment in which most others are going through or have endured the same struggles that you will go through. They’ll be able to offer you sound advice on how to deal with these matters and at the very least the camaraderie that college misery tends to love. Second, the dorms provide a great opportunity to learn about the world outside of your own. Colleges are rich with diversity and chances to learn about backgrounds, cultures, and opinions that are widely different from your own. Your dorm room and the events that get held there are a perfect setting for you to ease into these contrasting relationships.

Written by Studypool February 4th, 2017