How To Get An Internship As A Wedding Planner

The wedding industry in the United States is bigger than you'd expect. Couples are willing to spend surprising amounts of cash to create an ideal wedding day and to immortalize the occasion in a series of vibrant, moving photographs or videos. Statistics from the U.S. Library of Congress reveal that the domestic wedding industry generates anywhere from $50 to $80 billion of value on a yearly basis across approximately 2.5 million weddings.

Most people might consider wedding planning to more of a part-time job or a niche role that you might not commonly be able to build a career on. After all, there's no major or class in college that specifically trains you in the skill of planning weddings like there is for more traditional and technically demanding roles like chemical or electrical engineering. The recruiting systems and companies that are actively seeking interns for wedding planning are similarly lacking.

Despite the lack of professional pathways in university to a career in wedding planning, securing an internship is nowhere near impossible. However, the process of applying for an internship and the types of skills that are expected of you will be more unconventional in comparison to other careers that are more standard or popular.

Acquiring Basic Skills for Wedding Planning

A career in wedding planning will require you to have a set of working skills that you can practically apply. It's no different from the premise of any job in general. The problem for us is figuring out exactly which skills are desirable and beneficial to your success as a wedding planner.

Let's break it down. Wedding planning is exactly what it sounds like - you'll be in charge of ensuring that all of the standard and typical services that a wedding requires are arranged for and scheduled properly. The difficulty of wedding planning is finding and scheduling multiple services for one date since you have to locate a time that fits in the schedule of every service you require. We should start by going over the types of expected services.


Women's wedding gowns are an incredibly important aspect of planning a wedding that you should consider.


These are the people in charge of planning and designing the wedding event. As a wedding planner, this category encompasses the services you will render.

Food, Videography, DJ

These are three industries that serve markets outside of weddings. This makes recruiting them and setting a schedule a bit more difficult.

Favors and Bridesmaids Gifts

Anything that the bride or groom chooses is fair game. Given the nature of the occasion, gifts are likely to fall under the categories picture frames or jewelry.

Destination Weddings

When a wedding is planned for a location that is neither the bride or groom's residence. Destination weddings are more complex because you now have to keep track of the schedules and circumstances of multiple people as they plan to fly to the destination of the wedding.

As a wedding planner, you will need to be familiar with these services and know the local ones in the area that you are serving as a minimum. Therefore, a clear memory, organizational skills, networking skills, communication skills, and the ability to quickly respond and adapt to unexpected changes are probably the primary abilities expected of you as a professional wedding planner. If you want to pursue an internship in wedding planning, then you first will need to demonstrate that you have experience that shows an aptitude in these skills.

Getting in Touch With Wedding Businesses

Because of the lack of university established programs to promote the training of professionals dealing with wedding services, you will likely be on your own when it comes to seeking out internships. However, this shouldn't be a cause for concern since you will be able to quickly reach out and find the appropriate businesses if you employ some effective networking strategies.

For instance, you might check with your close friends or family to see if any of them are holding a wedding soon. If you're on great terms with them, then you can ask to be invited to the wedding and then start to form connections with the people there. You can even ask to be introduced to their wedding planner after you explain your interest in wedding planning as a career.

You'll also want to start building up your network of wedding-related services and vendors by communicating with as many of those companies at one of your friend or relative's weddings if possible. Again, active networking and building working relationships is key to increasing your chances of securing an internship as a wedding planner.

If no one is in your immediate social circle is holding a wedding, you can start by searching for online websites featuring independent wedding specialists. If you take a look at some of the successful weddings that are frequently available on the site and start thinking about how you would accomplish that, it could make a good starting point when you open up a conversation about an internship with that company. Finally, you can use services like LinkedIn to really leverage your social connections.

With the right mindset, skills, connections, and a little bit of luck, a career as a wedding planner might just open up for you. What are you waiting for?

Written by Studypool July 21st, 2017