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My first experiences online includes several years of tutoring with the School Tutoring Academy platform. At School Tutoring Academy, I helped English students in grades 7 through grades 12. I also tutor the SAT, the ACT, and English as a second language. Now, I mainly help students out who are on a time crunch with difficult but short concepts on Studypool!
I am PhD Chemistry candidate, currently working on my PhD dissertation. I was a former Chemistry Instructor at the Institute of Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman, where I taught general, inorganic, and organic chemistry for six years. As a long-time chemistry student, I know all of the all-too-common pitfalls and struggles that the average student goes through during these courses, and Studypool gives me the best opportunity to help these guys out while making a quick buck!
I have experience as a tutor, especially in the sciences and medicine, for over 4 years. My other fields of knowledge include history, excel, essays writing and psychology. I always deliver my tasks on time, and I am available to offer my help to my students anytime. Studypool really differentiates itself from other sites because keeps me engaged with their bidding system and with their responsive team.
Dedicated professional with high energy, positive attitude and diverse experience in accounting, management, customer service and tutoring. Expertise in conflict resolution, utilizing strong interpersonal and communication skills. Big 4 experience. B.S. in Accountancy, with a minor in history, and MBA graduate. I have been an one-on-one tutor in person for 5 years and an online tutor for 2 years. I aim to provide great work no matter the subject matter, and Studypool’s intense atmosphere and friendly community allows me the support I need to put my foot on the gas and blast through assignments whenever I feel like it!


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Hamilton, Canada

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Ottawa, Canada

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Studypool is the undisputed standard for delivering premium and individualized academic work. It is a preeminent platform focusing on the specific needs demanded by those seeking private educational services. Our company is dedicated in helping you achieve stellar grades and a commendable academic streak.

Further, our team of dedicated writers and tutors are always available through our round-the-clock operations, and quick to respond to any questions. In short, whenever you get stuck on a problem, whether it be some math, science, or simply writer’s block - Studypool is here to quickly help orient you and get you back on the right track.

We operate on the basis of a micro-tutoring platform, which means that our services specialize with one-on-one academic needs. As a college or high school student, your life is often filled with a number of obligations and commitments, whether they relate to club activities such as sports or a job. Not everyone is really good at writing under deadlines either.

Think about it, how many times have you heard regrets like “I wish I had done this paper earlier”, “I can write an solid essay, but it simply takes too long”, or “It’s really hard for me to start, but it’s easy once I get the words down”. Studypool is unique because it provides the opportunity for these students to save an incredible amount of time.

Our tutors are veritable research specialists who can help guide students who are stuck or confused by pointing them to a number of credible, relevant resources expedite the research process. Additionally, our tutors stress the importance of organization and clarity in ideas, and employ a very hands-on approach when dealing with students struggling with the requirements of academic work.

In summary, Studypool possesses a collection of dedicated, amiable, and expert tutors that are incredibly willing to give you the necessary help in order to achieve significant academic results.