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I have assignment Regarding HTML. And I need help with it .The instruction On the attached file

must be made by Notepad or Atom

If you accept this assignment I will send you basic Information to but like name, email, address

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Class Reunion Web Site - Individual Assignment for each Student Create the website in Atom or Notepad++ or Notepad. You have graduated and been in the “real world” for 15 years. It is now time for your 15-year class reunion. You aren’t able to attend, but you want to let your fellow classmates know what you have been up to over the years. So you are creating a website in Atom or Notepad++ to let them know about your life. The following is required: • At least 4 pages: Section 1 – You need to put your name and a picture of you on this page. Also include the name and address of the school and the year you graduated. Also include your current address (this can be made up – where do you want to live?) Include an email link so fellow classmates can contact you. Section 2 – This page will include information about your family. Are you married? Do you have children? Do you have pets? Include at least 2 pictures on this page with at least 1 paragraph describing your family. Section 3 – You need to include information about your career. Tell what the profession is, where you went to get the required training, etc. If you went to college, talk about that. If you joined the military, discuss your military career. This page should have at least 2 paragraphs. Section 4 – You love to travel so this page is going to talk about 3 big vacations you have taken during your 15 years. You need a picture of each location. Tell your fellow classmates what you did while you were there. You must have at least 1 paragraph for all the locations. Use Atom or Notepad++ to create the web page(s). If you accept this assignment I will send you basic Information to but like name, email, address
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