Binomial Distributions

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1. VOCABULARY Copy and complete: A probability distribution represented by a histogram is ? if you can draw a vertical line dividing the histogram into two parts that are mirror images. 2. * WRITING Explain the difference between a binomial experiment and a binomial distribution. CONSTRUCTING PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS Make a table and a histogram showing the probability distribution for the random variable. 3. X = the number on a table tennis ball randomly chosen from a bag that contains 5 balls labeled "1,"3 balls labeled "2," and 2 balls labeled "3." 4. W= 1 if a randomly chosen letter is A, E, I, O, or U and 2 otherwise. 5. N= the number of digits in a random integer from 0 through 999. BINOMIAL PROBABILITIES Calculate the probability of randomly guessing the given number of correct answers on a 30-question multiple choice exam that has choices A, B, C, and D for each question. 22. 15 23. 21
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