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A 5Ω resistor and a 10Ω resistor are wired in series with an unknown resistor and a 6 V DC power source. A voltmeter measures the potential drop across the 5Ω resistor at 1.5V.

What is the voltage across each of the other resistors? Comparison to total voltage?

What is the resistance of the unknown resistor?

What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit?

What is the total current flowing through the circuit?

What is the current flowing through each resistor? Comparison to total current?

May 27th, 2015


R1= V1/I

I = V1/R1

  = 1.5/5

I= 0.3A

This current will be equal for all resistors.

R2= V2/I

V2= IR2

  = (0.3)(10)

  = 3v

Vtotal= V1+ V2 + Vunknown

Vunknown = Vtotal – (V1+ V2)

Vunknown = 6 -3-0.3

Vunknown = 2.7v


  = 2.7/0.3

  = 9 ohm

Rtotal= R1+R2+ Runknown

  = 5+10+9

  = 24 ohm

May 27th, 2015

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May 27th, 2015
May 27th, 2015
Sep 20th, 2017
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