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Please respond to each classmates post that should be a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all sides of a discussion. I have attached rubric.

HS305: Research for Health Sciences


Hello everyone,

Quantitative research involves numbers and math. It is a precise and organized way of collecting and analyzing data that has been collected from different sources (What is Quantitative Research, 2018). The data collected is processed using statistics and mathematical tools to conclude results. Qualitative research is subjective and is interpreted based on the person reviewing the data that has been collected. In qualitative research data is verbal, behavioral or observational and is used to explore the cause of potential problems (What is Quantitative Research?, 2018).

The quantitative research article that I found tested the idea that the meniscus extrusion measurements predict incident radiographic knee osteoarthritis. The quantitative research study involved 206 knees with incident radiographic knee osteoarthritis. Quantitative research was the method of choice for this study because it utilized age, sex, BMI, race and clinical sites (Emmanuel, 2017). It was important for data to be properly collected, analyzed, and compared in order to have effective results. They were able to conclude that indeed greater medial meniscus extrusions do in fact predict incident radiographic knee osteoarthritis.

The article on qualitative research that I read studied a group of 38 people and their decisions on whether or not to take antihypertensive drugs. The purpose of the study was to obtain feedback on each individual’s pros and cons for taking their medication. I believe that researchers chose the qualitative method because feelings and thoughts cannot be measured in numbers. The qualitative method for gathering information was effective and allowed them to obtain a result and conclusion. Researchers were able to conclude that patients take their medications as a result of positive experiences with doctors, perceived benefits of medications, and pragmatic considerations (Benson and Britten, 2002).



Hi Prof, Classmates,

For this week’s discussion, we are looking to evaluate the difference between quantitative and qualitative research. According to Curtis & Drennan, “quantitative research refers to the collection and interpretation of statistics, while qualitative research focuses on the significance of observed experiences” (pg. 131). The observation of the amount of product as such as how many ounces is in a cup of coffee is quantitative because it is a specific number that is associated with the amount of coffee that is within the cup. In society today, numbers are considered very important especially when it comes down to having a significant amount of a product such as money. Usually, a person with plenty of money would be considered rich but then depends on the quality of the bills as far as what type of notes. Are they ones or hundreds? With this question in mind someone could have one hundred ones and then another person could have one hundred and would be considered richer than the other person with the one-dollar bills because the number of hundreds s/he have in comparison to the person with just the basic one-dollar bills. According to Keegan, “Qualitative research explores questions such as what, why and how, rather than how many or how much; it is primarily concerned with meaning rather than measuring”. For instance, in this case the quality of work is more important than the amount of work that was done. Good quality work is worth much more than work that was done very quickly and covered more ground but has poor quality. The two different researchers chosen their own methods to complete their research because its show two different aspects between quantitative and qualitative research. They both have their specific methods because it shows their abilities to be diverse and conduct their own research on the subjects. As I mentioned both researchers are very diverse in their own unique way and I truly believe each of their methods was very effective.

HS415: Enviromental Health


Hello Class,

Article 9 of constitution of China charges the nation with the responsibility of natural resources and their preservation in 1978. These efforts are primarily legislative in nature and can be seen by the environmental damage that industry has caused. The government has an intricate system of inspections followed by charges which do decrease the cause of emissions and their environmental impacts but barely, compared to the United States program implementation. The most common complaints are air and water containment's. Industrialization accounts for a large portion of GDP but also has leads in contributing to pollution. I was aware of the air pollution in China but not the fact that the natural water ways are facing eradication if change is not made. As industry continues to grow in China, so does the environmental stress from the particles and vapors released into the atmosphere. In 2013 China implemented the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan which by 2017 had achieved an overall decrease in air pollutants. I hope that at minimum these trends continue as the government takes a larger in role in implementing techniques to save their countries environment.




Wilderness preservation is a hot topic in our society due to the destruction done to many specie's habitat, that has caused unrepairable damage to their existence. Expanding human demands on land, sea and fresh water, along with the impacts of climate change, have made the conservation and management of wild areas and wild animals a top priority.Wild animals have always been a critical resource for human beings. Historically, food, fur, and leather were key to human survival. Equally, wild animals can be seen as threatening to human beings; for instance, they can be sources of new human diseases, such as SARS from bat feces, or HIV that came from a mutated form found in chimpanzees, and they can damage or consume human crops.

Two main approaches to wildlife management, and nature management in general, can be identified: the wise use of nature, and the preservation of nature. These two approaches both reject the unthinking marginalization or destruction of wildlife. But when it comes to the actual management of wildlife and nature, the two approaches differ. The wise use approach aims to accommodate humanity's continuous use of wild nature as a resource for food, timber, and other raw materials, as well as for recreation. The idea of wise use appeals to our own best interests, or to the interests of humans over time, including future people, often called sustainable use. The goal of management is to enhance and maintain nature's yield as a valuable resource for human beings. There is also the thinking of the moral importance of individual animals depends on how far they promote or threaten the key environmental values at stake. So members of keystone species in an ecosystem will be particularly important, while members of an invasive species that threatens either native species, or ecosystem health, should be removed or killed (

The benefits of wilderness are numerous. Wilderness provides so much more than a place to camp, hike or fish. Wilderness cleans our air and filters our water. It provides a home for wildlife and an economic driver for local communities. The Wilderness protects watersheds that provide clean drinking water to surrounding communities, wilderness filters and cleans the air we breathe, many animals we love call wilderness their home, and many people depend on wilderness for their favorite recreation opportunities, such as nature walking, wildlife watching, hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing and camping (


Students are expected to: Participate with the required number of relevant postings of required length Post initial response by Saturday; all additional comments posted by Tuesday Support ideas with information from course materials and/or outside sources when appropriate, using APA format Instructors: Enter correct total available points in H5 and scores into ce Introductory Initial post timeliness 0-1 No initial post (0). Provides initial post after Sunday (1). Emergent Practiced 2 3 Provides initial post by Sunday N/A No additional Additional comments (0). Posts Posts one comment Posts 2 comments comments and comments unrelated to related to the discussion related to the engagement the Discussion topic topic. discussion topic. (1). Submission does not Initial relate to the topic Response and/or incomplete Content Quality responses to most topics. Spelling/ Grammar/ Formatting/ Mechanics Significant errors in spelling and/or grammar. Major flaws in writing mechanics and formatting. Length* (applies to Submission does not Discussion meet length Boards with requirements. posted length requirements) Feedback: Answers some question/topics with some clearly stated opinions. Answers all questions with opinions and ideas that are stated clearly. Uses Standard American English with Poor spelling and rare errors and grammar are apparent. misspellings. Minor Does not use APA in-text errors in APA in-text style formatting when style formatting when needed. needed. Includes list of references when citations are used. Only one post meets length requirements and/or initial post does not meet length requirements Initial post and one reply post meet length requirements n appropriate, using APA format for in-text citation and references. e points in H5 and scores into cells in column F. Total available points = Proficient/Mastered Score 4 0-4 Provides an initial post by Saturday. Posts 2 or more comments in response to others that provide thoughtful insight to the topic and frequently attempts to motivate the group discussion. Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using outside sources when appropriate. Consistently uses Standard American English with rare misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and APA intext style formatting when needed. Includes a properly formatted list of references when citations are used. All submissions meet posted length requirements. Weight Final Score 15% 0.00 30% 0.00 40% 0.00 10% 0.00 5% 0.00 100% 0.00 Final Score 0 Percentage #DIV/0!

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here is the complete paper buddy.go through it and in case of anything, feel free to alert me.

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When doing any research, it should always be defined on the standpoint of being
either a qualitative or quantitative research. This post by Diana gives some correct analysis of
when and where to use each of the two study categories. When the information got from the
study cannot be numbered and worked out, then there would be a need to opt for qualitative
research for example feelings, behaviors or even the people's perception of some issues.
Quantitative work, however, deals with numerical analysis and calculations of values to get
to the best results upon which relevant conclusions can be made (...

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