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Mar 4th, 2015

Left Apothem =Al =356

Left side base=W

Right Apothem=AR

Right side base= L=440

Height=H= 280

The pyramid has base’s corners  around 900 so Sbase= LW

S= LW + (Al)W +ARL  *

AR =( 4182- 2202)0.5=355.4 

(W/2)2= AR2 – H2=355.42-2802  so  W/2=218.88,  W=437.8

At eq *  S=(440)(437.8) +(356)(437.8) +(355.4)(440)=504864.8

The units are cubit “Egyptian Unit”  1 cubit =20.62 inches

So 1 cubit2= 425.2 in2=2.95 ft2

S=504864.8 cubit2=1489351 ft2 of  aluminum sheets

May 27th, 2015

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Mar 4th, 2015
Mar 4th, 2015
Dec 7th, 2016
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