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Answer one of the questions below in a 4-5 page essay. You must use the assigned course texts (Fighting the Lamb's War and "Plowshares Movement Resources" on Blackboard) for complete consideration of and response to each question. Please use proper footnote or endnote citation in MLA or Chicago Manual of Style.

1.The Plowshares Movement officially began in the early 1980’s as a distinct anti-war, anti-militarism movement in the United States. What factors led to the emergence of this movement, from both secular and religious perspectives? How would you assess the movement’s compatibility with Christianity, given the various responses to war – pacifism, just war and (most recently) just peacemaking – that have been emphasized throughout the history of the Christian tradition?

2.Berrigan critiqued the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church for what he believed was its silence regarding the United States protracted involvement in the Vietnam War. How did Berrigan connect his understanding of war with the multiple ways he witnessed oppression/marginalization, and how did those connections inform his criticism of the Church in the anti-war movement?

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