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0.89mol of NO is reacted with 0.5mol O2

NO  +  O2     2NO2

1. What are the coefficients that balance the reaction?

2. What is the limiting reactant?

3. What is the theoretical yield of NO2 (in grams)?

4. What is the actual yield if only 65% is produced?

May 29th, 2015

2NO + O2 ----------------- 2NO2

For limiting reactant

2 mol of NO reacts with 1 mol of O2

0.89 mol reacts with (1*0.89)/2 mol of O2

  = 0.445 mol of O2

Total moles of O2 – reacted moles of O2= remaining moles of O2

0.5mol – 0.445 mol = 0.055 mol remaining mol of O2

So, the limiting reactant is NO

Theoretical yield of NO2

2NO = 2NO2

0.89 mol NO = 0.89mol NO2

Mass of NO2 = moles of NO2 * molecular mass of NO2

  = 0.89 * 46

  = 40.94g NO2


Percent yield = (actual yield /theoretical yield)*100

65= (actual yield/40.94)*100

Actual yield = 26.611g

May 29th, 2015

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May 29th, 2015
May 29th, 2015
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