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Factor analysis is a statistical technique utilized to identify clusters of related traits or characteristics. Factor analysis has been utilized widely in personality research in order to cluster various personality characteristics into a small set of traits. One of the most common trait clusters is referred to as the Big Five; it gets its name from the fact that five general traits have consistently emerged via factor analysis.

For this unit’s assignment, you need to watch a television show and analyze a character’s personality according to the Big Five trait dimensions. Watch at least a half-hour of television and answer the questions listed below. You need to watch something that allows you to critique a character’s personality (so eliminate sports, cartoons, music videos, documentaries, etc); good choices are sit-coms, movies, soap operas, and talk shows. After watching the show, identify one character to focus on for this assignment.

Answer the following questions:

  • Name of television show or movie.
  • Name of character selected for this analysis.
  • Provide a general description of the character’s personality (this does not have to be in psychological terms – describe their personality as if you were talking to a friend).
  • Describe the character’s personality using each of the Big Five dimensions of personality. For each dimension, provide some behavioral characteristics that support your trait label. Be thorough and specific in your analysis.

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