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In a two-page (500-word) memorandum to your employees, announce a management change that will cause some “disruption in the force.”

You have met with senior leadership and the extensive deliberation that resulted has led to the need for you to announce the reorganization of your office. Effective in three days, you will have three departments instead of four (with eight employees each):

The duties of the Accounting Department functions will be split between the Procurement Department (John Stowe) and the Sales Department (Henry Mazzel).

The Operations Department (Miles Johnson) will not gain any new employees.

The eight employees in Accounting will be assigned four each to the other two departments and the former chief of Accounting (Harry Plume) will be promoted and re-assigned to the Staff Advisory Council in another location by senior management. Harry Plume, the outgoing chief of the Accounting Department, is quite popular with his eight employees.

There likely will be a nasty scene when his employees discover that they are being split up as a team and lose their popular leader.

Counter the anticipated negative reaction in the wording of your announcement, remembering that the other three departments are also being affected. (An EFFECTIVE manager PRIORITIZES the presentation of information to control employee reaction through reader-focused writing. Accentuate the positive!)

Grading criteria:

  • Uses memorandum format
  • Is written to your employees
  • Contains all four components, appropriately addressed and with Subject line that will calm the readers
  • Is positive and upbeat, explaining the positive value to employees
  • Follows standard "bad news" memo process, with buffer, bad news, background, and "good will" conclusion
  • Minimizes negative impact on employees
  • Contains no grammar, construction, or paragraph issues

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Management Change



To: All Employees
From: The Manager
Subject: Management Change
There will be changes in management as from three days. This is in accordance with the
management that fosters improvement on our performance as a company and for the sake of
making sure that our new strategy achieves its core purpose and visions. On behalf of the
management, we have decided to reduce the number of departments from four to three and each
department will have eight employees.
The Department of Accounting will be split into two resulting into the Sales Department
which will be led by Henry Mazzel and Procurement Department where John Stowe will be
leading. The group of eight employees who were working in the Accounting Department will split
into two groups and each department will have four employees each. The senior management will
have a new staff that was the former Chief Accounting Harry Plume and will be part of the
Advisory Council.
The reasons as to why we did this are to make sure that each employee is able to master
new skills and tasks which will be impactful to the future of our company. Splitting the
departments and employees is important according to the management since it will ma...

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