Immigration influx to the US

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This is a group assignment. I am only responsible for 1000 words/2 Full pages and 1 external source (use parenthetical citation (ex: Edwards, 1999) and also include full citation at the end of the paper) My part of the project will be to “Comment on the current immigration influx to the United States. Discuss whether the current official response is considered as a violation of the repsonsibility to protect. (Indicate if any human rights violations are being committed).”

Do not answer any of the other presented questions in the attachment, what I have written above is the part that I am responsible for. I only provided the attachment for further clarification.

We are to write as if we were an NGO such as Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch and part of what we have to discuss whether the decision to separate families at the border violates ‘Responsibility to Protect’.

Please write in very explicit specifics. I do not want broad/general sentences as those do nothing for my paper and only cause me to go back in and revise a paper that I have already paid to be written to make it stand up to college curriculum level writing. BE AS SPECIFIC AND DETAILED AS POSSIBLE.

Please do not include a title or a heading, my group will be doing that together.

12pt,Times New Roman, Single Spaced

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INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS INR 4075 Fall 2018 Final Project 23 points Due: Saturday, November 24 Due: in CANVAS submission box In the group of assigned students, you need to respond to the current migrant/refugee issue in the U.S. that represents a human rights problem and write a single 3000 to 3500-word report about it, AS IF YOU WERE an N.G.O. (e.g. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch). Your report should be a combination of a research paper and a policy prescription. So try to see some of the previous reports that those types of organizations issued and try to follow the way they do their reports. Together with the report, each student will be required to provide an accurate evaluation of each member of the group on a separate page which is to be attached as a separate 2-page document (2 page max, 1 page min). Each student is to submit their own evaluations of group members and him/herself in terms of the work and contributions towards the group project, while only the group leader (chosen by your group) is to submit one paper on behalf of the entire group. Make sure you stay engaged with the leader of your group until the very end, to ensure that she/he does submit a paper for the group. You all are responsible to produce and submit a paper by the deadline. If paper is not submitted, all members of the group will not receive points. The full instructions for the final paper are as follows: PROMPT: Comment on the current immigration influx into the United States. Discuss whether the current official response is considered as a violation of the responsibility to protect? (Indicate if any human rights violations are being committed.) Note the United States' history of dealing with immigration and asylum seekers, and mention why these migrants are leaving their home countries and whether the US is responsible to aid them? How would your group advocate for the human rights of these migrants in the current political climate in the US? What approach would your group take as NGOs to deal with this situation? Formatting Instructions Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points. All papers must be: - Submitted in CANVAS by the due date and time Max 3500 words, inclusive of name, title, and citations Page 1 of 2 - 12 point Times font Properly double spaced 1 inch margins on all sides Style Instructions Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points. Make your report in the form of an organized essay which includes: - - A specific thesis statement that explains your argument and does not merely restate the question Support your argument with examples from your book and at least 3 properly cited external sources (source must be with .edu or .gov extension; Wikipedia not acceptable as a source, nor any information from the source with .com extenssion). Keep direct quotes to a minimum. Instead paraphrase the text into your own words to show you understand the concepts. But you can still refer to a source. Use proper citations Citation Instructions Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points. Make sure you use the following method for citations - Use parenthetical citations, for example: (Edwards 2016, p. 257) Create a bibliography of the works used for the assignment in APA citation style. Any remaining questions on formatting, style, or citations should be directed to the instructor by email. I might not be able to respond to your email if you send it to me the night before the essay is due, so ask your questions as early as possible. Plagiarism, as defined by the student handbook, and in any possible form, is unacceptable and will result with the appropriate sanctions and penalties outlined in the student handbook, as well as a score of 0 for the course. So don’t do it! Page 2 of 2
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Immigration influx in the USA
The USA has experienced instances of immigration both in the past and in the current
years. Large groups of people have moved into the country in the search for greener pastures and
more so to free from their countries due to disasters such as war, violence, and economic crisis.
Honduras nationals have, for example, fled their country recently due to violence and economic
instability. However, immigration has not always occurred due to violence in individual
countries. In some instances, USA has encouraged immigration by enlisting it as one of the
nation’s interest since it enables individuals to build/better themselves and also serves for the
better of the nation through strengthening the country’s economy and infrastructure.
Currently, there have been several instances of unauthorized immigration. This means
that people from foreign countries have moved into the United States of America through ways
which violate the immigration laws of the country. Other people have been noted to have
continued to reside in that country despite the termination of their right to continue living in the
USA. Due to continued oscillation between authorized and unauthorized immigrants, USA has
been torn between taking the movement of people into their country from foreign lands as either
valuable assets or as major threats. To ascertain whether immigration is of value or of threat to
the USA, Trump’s administration has raised the issue on both political and pu...

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