the nature of life and how to make a scientific lab writup

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how does an observation about an object differ from an inference about that object.

Why is it advantageous for scientists to test only one variable at a time during an experiment 

distinguish between a variable and a control

what steps are involved in making a vaild conclusion

what equipment did redi use in his experiment why was the gauze in important

what must happen for a hypothesis to become a theory

how can a graph of data be more informative than a table of the same data

Jun 1st, 2015

a)An observation is what you actually see happening. An inference is the conclusions you draw from that observation.

b)Best Answer:  because if you change more than one variable, you won't know which one was responsible for any observed effect, or indeed whether they both had a part in it. The worse case of all would be if they both had an effect but the effects cancelled out.

lots of times it is just not possible to change only one variable, especially when you are observing rather than experimenting. There are complicated mathematical techniques to try and sort things out when more than one variable is being changed at the same time.

c)variable is what your trying to measure, differences between the control and the variable. Something you add to the experiment to get a measurement, control is a group that isn't affected by the variable 


1) Come up with a hypothesis
2) Review the relevant work already completed out there with regards to that hypothesis
3) Design an experiment around to test your hypothesis
4) Conduct the experiment and analyze the results
5) Write a experimental report detailing your experiment and results
6) Have your test results independently verified by someone else replicating your experiment 

d)Reid used jars, meat, and gauze. The gauze was important because he used it to cover some jars the gauze was his manipulated variable

f) I must be well supported by observations and experimentations 

Jun 1st, 2015

give an example of changes that occurs during differentiation in a multicelluar organism

Jun 1st, 2015

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Jun 1st, 2015
Jun 1st, 2015
Oct 17th, 2017
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