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Effects of Sports Facilities on Hispanics
Sports activities play a substantial role in the culture among the Latin people living in
Latin America. It is a widely accepted aspect of life whose beauty serves as a source of
inspiration for both children and adults. It also plays an important part in bringing families of
Hispanic people together as well as the entire country.
The research paper examines the impact of the sports facilities on the sporting activities,
health wellbeing, economy, as well as in maintaining the cultural fabric of the Hispanic
Statement of the problem
The problem to be addressed by this study is to determine the environmental effects that
results from sport facilities on the Hispanic community as one of the effects of locating sport
facilities in Hispanic community.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this quantitative research is to examine both the negative and positive
effects of the construction of the sports facilities within the Hispanic community. During the
research, the researcher observes various sports activities that are popular among the Hispanic
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework


The study will utilize the case study as a research methodology to investigate the effects
of the sports facilities on the Hispanic community. The cases study is an optimal method that
will be crucial in establishing the effect of the construction facilities within the Hispanic
The research will utilize the discussions of the focus group to establish the social effects
of the sports facilities on the Hispanic community.
Nature of the Study
The main study design that will be utilized will be the descriptive type that will involve
the use of surveys and questionnaires. The researcher will provide the surveys and questionnaires
to the members of the Hispanic community who will participate in the research study.
The research sampling frame will be subdivided into three categories that will include
teenagers with an age ranging between fifteen to eighteen, young people aged between nineteen
and thirty-five years as well as middle-aged adults aged between thirty-six and fifty years.
The various methods of collecting data that will be utilized in the research study include
the use of individual interviews, visual observations, surveys, questionnaires and focus group.
Research questions
a) How do sports facilities contribute to the development of the youth talents among the
Hispanic community?
b) What is the role-played by the sports facilities in contributing to a healthy and active
lifestyle among the Hispanic community?
c) How do the sports facilities enhance the development of integrity and unity among the
members of the Hispanic community?
The significance of the study

The research has played a significant role as it has identified several side effects of sports
facilities and it has provided for possible measures to solve the existing problem and necessary
actions to be taken to improve the current scenario.
To summarize, the chapter gives an insight of the research paper. This part shows the
introduction to the paper, the problem statement as well as the purpose. From the above
discussion, the main focus is the effects of sports facilities on the Hispanics. Sports activities
play a substantial role in the cultur...

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