Wellness Project: The purpose of this project is to define what being healthy personally means.

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Wellness Project: The purpose of this project is to define being healthy personally means. It focuses on family history and one's practices of health promotion/disease prevention.

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NSG 2030 INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING CRITERIA FOR WELLNESS PROJECT Write a personal statement on “What being healthy means to me.” (One paragraph) Describe your family’s health patterns as follows: Use 3 generations including maternal and paternal grandparents, mother, father and yourself. • Place of birth and Cultural background • State of health Health care practices for your family. Include what patterns emerge from these practices. Discuss any concerns/issues you may have. Have you changed any of your health practices due to your family pattern? • • • Describe your own practices of health promotion/disease prevention in the following areas: • • • • • • • • • Physical activity and fitness Nutrition Use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs Safety in home (abusive toxic substances, drug safety potential, guns secure, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.) Safety in car (seatbelts, tendency to speed, texting while driving, etc.) Stress reduction Cancer prevention strategies (self-breast exam, mammogram, pap, testicular exam, rectal exams, etc.) Physician assessments (Cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) Support Looking at your own practices of health promotion/disease prevention, name two aspects of health and wellness that can be improved upon (one paragraph). What resources are there in the community to help you to improve these two areas of health and wellness? How would they help you? Do an internet search to find at least two resources that would be valuable for you to use. Include them in the reference page of your paper (one paragraph). Do you foresee any barriers that may inhibit your ability to improve on these aspects of health and wellness or to use the above resources? (one paragraph) Remember to include a title page, running heads and page numbers using APA format. The body of your paper should be double spaced using 12 fonts. Remember that you are graded on grammar and punctuation. Rubric for Wellness Project Criteria for Grading Required Element Points Done Comments Available Organization · APA Format (Title page and Reference page, spacing, font, etc.) 3 points 5 · Spelling & Grammar- 2 points Body of Paper · Statement of “Meaning of Health” – 2 points · Description of health care 12 practices of 3 generations including place of birth, cultural background, state of health- 3 points Points Earned · Analysis of family patterns- 3 points · Discussion of concerns/issues- 2 points · Discussion of any change in your own health care practices related to concerns/issues- 2 points Description of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention · Physical activity/fitness- 3 points · Nutrition- 3 points · Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs3 points · Safety in home- 3 points 27 · Safety in car- 3 points · Stress reduction-3 points · Cancer screenings-3 points · Health care provider visits- 3 points · Personal support systems- 3 points Personal Wellness Plan · Two areas for health improvement- 2 points 6 · Two community resources- 2 points · Barriers to change- 2 points Total Points 50 Papers turned in after the due date will be given a grade of zero (0).
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Report: Wellness project

Wellness project
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Report: Wellness project

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Wellness Project



Wellness project
Many people from different cultural backgrounds hold a different perception of health.
To many, being healthy describes a situation where all the members of the community can
effectively perform their duties and contribute to the economic development of the respective
region. To me, being healthy refers to the situation where each member of the community,
through the utilization of locally available resources and treatment method lives an ailment free
Additionally, through following the accepted treatment practice, an individual can attain
the excellent condition of the body. There is a different contribution that assists in the existence
of a healthy community such as proper and affordable care, healthy living conditions and the
environmental factor. An individual needs to balance the features mentioned above to attain good

Cultural background and the birthplaces greatly influence the state of health of an
individual (Corin, 2017). My grandparents lived in Texas where my grandfather had a Hispanic
background, and my grandmother was from Haiti. The couple had different approaches towards

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