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Discuss specific strategies for working with individual families. How will you work to build a relationship with individual families? You should include at least three strategies for supporting individual families.

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Family engagement is the foundation of good  casework practice that promotes the safety,  permanency, and well-being of children and families in the child welfare system. 

Family engagement is a family-centered and  strengths-based approach to partnering with  families in making decisions, setting goals,  and achieving desired outcomes. It is founded  on the principle of communicating openly and  honestly with families in a way that supports  disclosure of culture, family dynamics, and personal experiences in order to meet the individual needs of every family and every child. Engagement goes beyond simple  involvement by “motivating and empowering  families to recognize their own needs,  strengths, and resources and to take an active role in working toward change.

To help State child welfare managers improve family engagement across program areas, this brief offers information on:

• The benefits of family engagement 

• Ways to achieve meaningful family engagement 

• Specific strategies that reflect family engagement

• State and local examples of family engagement strategies

• Additional resources

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