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Write 5 pages about water pollution. I need it to explain about the introduction about water (general information), information about water pollution that is real life problem, how does water pollution effect soil plants and vegetables (how does effect the farmers in their economy), how does the water pollution effect the animals , how does the water pollution effect the weather. at the end write a solution for the water pollution. and any other information that you think can help.

I also need 1 page of bibliography that as 4 research references and 3 quotations that are footnoted in the paper. cite your sources of information.

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Water Pollution
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More than two-thirds of the earth is covered by water bodies like lakes, rivers, streams and
oceans, with only less than a third taken by land. Water is among the most vital forms of life
required for the survival of all living creatures including humans, animals and plants. The
element is chemically composed of two hydrogen molecules, one oxygen molecule and written
as H2O. The environment largely depends on water for agriculture, fishing, domestic use and
industrial activities which are the main life-supporting operations. The world population
continues to grow at a rapid rate which increases the pressure on the water resources and hence
reducing the quality of the primary sources.
Water pollution is a human problem that occurs in selected situations when harmful substances
like microorganisms and chemicals come into contact with water bodies and hence making the
water toxic for human consumption or to the environment at large. Due to the day to day
activities of farming, industrialization, transport and surface extractions, the contaminants find
themselves in the water sources and hence rendering it unfit for use. Water pollution can take
many forms as the different forms including ground, surface, ocean or point water source (Goel,
2006). The significant causes of pollution in the modern world include sewage disposal
especially in the cities which ends up in rivers and streams. Waste and chemical water from
industries and heavy metals can also be released in significant bodies and end up destroying its
purpose. Oils from ships, boats spill on the water if not well maintained and lead to blocking of
oxygen and essential minerals that play a significant role in the lives of sea creatures (Melchers,
2007). Plastics disposed of all ...

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