What impact did the Seven Years War have on American and British relations?

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What impact did the Seven Years War have on American and British relations?

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This question should more properly ask about the relations between England and the North American colonies.  After this war, France no longer had any North American colonies.  Therefore, the relationship was really just between England and the colonies. 

The relationship between England and the colonies was fundamentally changed by the war.  It is fair to say that the war was the factor that changed the relationship and led to the American Revolution.  This is because the war caused England to need to take closer control over the colonies.

After the war, England’s finances were in poor shape.  The war had been expensive and there were debts that needed to be paid.  Therefore, the English government did two main things.  First, it tightened its enforcement of laws (particularly laws having to do with trade and smuggling) in the American colonies.  Second, it imposed taxes on the colonies to help defray the costs of the war.  These actions angered the colonists greatly.  They had become used to being left alone in the past few decades and did not like having the government exerting control over them in new ways. 

Thus, the war severely weakened the relationship between the British government and the colonies.

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