​Define ethics. How is it different from social sciences

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Define ethics. How is it different from social sciences such as psychology and sociology?

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"Ethics" is that branch of Philosophy with deals with questions of the nature of Right and Wrong. In most cases ethical considerations are derived from the overall Philosophical position and thus can vary greatly depending on which Philosopher, or School of Philosophy you choose to study. Epicurus, Plato, Confucius, and Kant had radically different overall Philosophies, and their ethical principles reflected that. In the assignment you describe you would first have to define and defend your Philosophical starting point and then demonstrate how your ethical position logically derives from it. 

According to T. Abel, "Sociology is the scientific study of social relationship, their variety, their forms whatever effects them and whatever they effect."

Ethics is dependent upon sociology for the description of man's ultimate good in relation with society. We only know the individual man as a member of some society, what we call his virtues are chiefly exhibited in his dealings with his fellows, and his most prominent pleasures are derived from intercourse with them, thus it is a paradox to maintain that man's highest good is independent of his social relations, or of the constitution and condition of the community of which he forms a part.

So that ultimate good of the individual is based upon the ultimate good of society as he is an inseparable part of society. The aim of ethics is to synthesise individual and social good, selfishness and altruism. Social science studies the social habits, conversions and those institution which influence men. Thus ethics depends upon sociology. On the other hand, sociology also depends upon ethics.

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