Look at the video from Obama: http://www.nasa.gov/about/obamaspeechfeature.html

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Then answer these questions:

1. Why does President Obama not want to return to the Moon before exploring other areas of the inner solar system?

2. What is the main aim of President Obama’s vision for space exploration?

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1. President Obama explains the situation of costs and events that have led to this disastrous results in NASA history. The current deficit faced with space exploration research has caused many projects to be delayed and have caused the shut down of many of NASA's shuttle programs. Thus the research led to the inner solar system can be much more accurately depicted from simple observations made by telescopes such as the Hubble. The exploration of the moon however, will require physical transportation of researchers to that planet., and with robots, that may be costly. 

2. The main aim is to promote educational opportunities for future astronauts in order to prevent many of the history disastrous . With more educated astronauts, there is greater chance of shuttle programs being launched and providing greater depth in planetary research.

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