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What is the relationship between the concepts of locus control and self - efficacy?

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Actually "self-efficacy" has nothing to do with how effectively you ACTUALLY get things done. Self-effiicacy has to do with the PERCEPTION of how well you effectively get things done. 

Someone could be pretty swell at doing something, but believe they're crappy. In fact, a person could also have the potential to do something pretty well, but because they believe cannot do it well, it ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy and it ends up "appearing" that they are not effective. 

Locus of control concerns whether you believe external (the environment) or internal (your own personality, choices, thoughts) factor are controlling your behavior. 

So self-efficacy is your perception about how effective your behavior is, and locus of control is what you think is determining that behavior (you vs. the environment).

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