find the number of atoms to make a solid sphere of 5.0 mm diameter made from

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pure silver. 

volume of a sphere is v = 4/3 pie r3

density of silver is 10.49 g/cm3

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First you have to find the volume of a sphere with a 5.0mm diameter. To get the radius you divide the diameter by two 5.0/ 2 = 2.5 mm Then you need to convert this into cm. There are 10 mm in one cm. 2.5 mm / 10 mm *1 cm for conversion = .25 cm. This equals r.

Volume is 4/3 pi .25^3 or .06541667 cm^3

Since the density of silver is 10.49 g / cm^3 you can use this value and multiply what the volume is to get the amount of g of silver. 10.49 * .06541667 = .68622083 g of silver

Then you convert the g of silver into moles using the molar mass of silver which is 107.868 g/ mol so you have the equation of .68622083 g / 107.868 g * mol = .00636167 mol of silver.

In one mol there are 6.023 X 10^23 atoms in it. Then you take .00636167 * 6.023x10^23 which equals

3.8 x 10^21 atoms

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