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mr. adam has different size cubes he would like to store. he wants all the same size cubes to fit in the same box. the cubes are quarter-inch, third-inch, and half-inch. he found a box with the dimensions of 4.5 in. x 5in. by 8.5in.

1. explain in words which size cube should mr.adam should choose for this box.

2. how many of these cubes can he fit in this box?

3. show two ways to find the volume of this box:

method 1 _________volume________in3

method 2  ________ volume________in3

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1. mr. adam should choose quarter-inch cubes because 1/4 is divisible by 4.5, 5, and 8.5

2. 4.5/(1/4)=18, 5/(1/4)=20, 8.5/(1/4)=34, so he needs 765 cubes 

3. method 1: 72*(1/4)=765/4 in^3

    method 2: 4.5*5*8.5=191.25 in^3

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