economic of gender - in developing countries.

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Characterize gender differences in developing countries..... in what ways are men/women treated differently? With what economic consequences? Use specific examples.

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In developing countries, most studies show preferential food allocation to males over females.In developing countries.... societies is male dominants.  Following are the real life economic example of developing countries.


 On average, across developing countries, the proportion of women in paid work is high (62%). However, women in developing countries earn 18% less than men, only about one-third of managerial posts are held by a woman, many more women work in part-time jobs than men (25% and 6% respectively). These gender differences are even wider with the presence of children since women are more likely to adjust their employment practices upon the arrival of a child much more than men.


The gender differences in the economic consequences of illness include how work of men and women is affected by illness, such as availability of substitute labour, opportunity costs of health-related actions, available income, and the impact of economic policies.When poor women in developing countries are ill, they tend to delay seeking modern treatment until their symptoms are too severe to ignore, meanwhile perhaps visiting a traditional healer or local pharmacy. Thus, they take longer to recover and often return to work before they have completely recuperated (82). When men are ill, others encourage them to seek medical help, and hence they are appropriately diagnosed and treated earlier than women. They also receive greater care from wives and others and are not expected to perform other duties until they are better.

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