Assignment 2 Writer Self-Assessment

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Assignment 2: Writer’s Self-Assessment

By now you will have gained some insight into an effective writing process and your specific needs. Through the Discussion, you may have found that your colleagues have similar concerns about their scholarly writing. Please remember that the Discussion forum is a great opportunity to support each other as you work through the weeks’ Learning Resources and Assignments.

In this week’s Assignment, you will build on the Discussion in which you analyzed your writing needs. You will cite specific examples of instructor feedback or past assessments that illustrate your writing needs and/or strengths. You may also reference any relevant feedback from Discussion responses you received this week. This Assignment is designed to help prepare you for subsequent weeks’ work, when you will practice components of an effective writing process.

To prepare for this Assignment:

In addition to addressing specific issues covered in the Discussion, consider writing feedback you received from other sources, such as past instructors or assessments. Consider any specific issues, problems, concerns, and strengths. Use the Learning Resources for this week to guide you through your reflection.

The Assignment:

******Compose a 2- to 3-paragraph reflective essay that examines your experiences with writing. Use the information in the “Writer’s Self-Assessment Checklist” document as a starting point but also consider feedback obtained from Instructors and other sources. Include all of the following:

  • Identify the strengths in your writing and why you believe these to be your strengths.
  • Elaborate on the specific issues, problems, or concerns you identified in your Discussion. Include examples. This is your opportunity to let the instructor know the types of issues you would like to address during the class.
  • Describe any guidance found in the Learning Resources or Discussion to address your writing concerns.
  • Based on that guidance, briefly describe any actions you might take to further develop your scholarly writing.

Note: Do not submit the same content as your Discussion post. This Assignment should be more specific and include clear actions in support of improvement.

Rubric Detail

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Name: CAEX_6050_Week_1_Assignment2_Rubric

ExemplaryAcceptableApproaching AcceptableNeeds Significant Improvement

36 (90%) - 40 (100%)

Student provides 2-3 reflective paragraphs on experiences with writing, including strengths and weaknesses.

32 (80%) - 35 (87.5%)

Student provides 2-3 reflective paragraphs on experiences with writing; the submission lacks focus or detail on strengths and weaknesses.

28 (70%) - 31 (77.5%)

Student provides 1-2 reflective paragraphs; the submission lacks focus or details on experiences with writing.

0 (0%) - 27 (67.5%)

Minimal reflection provided.

Total Points: 40

Name: CAEX_6050_Week_1_Assignment2_Rubric

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I have a passion for well-written work and expressing myself through words. This quality
enables to write better in a bid to express myself and to fulfill my desire of wanting people to
feel, think and react to my work. It makes me happy every time my teacher or friends react to ...

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