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  • Your manager just asked you to join a meeting in progress to speak for five minutes about a build versus buy decision the company is about to make. Describe how you would spend those five minutes in presenting the most important element of the decision.
  • List and describe the advantages and disadvantages of building a system from the ground up.

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the decision on building or buying a system is a decision that require one to thing on the advantages and disadvantage of both of them question that a rise is one about the cost of building one or buying one,the other thing the cost of maintenance if you build or you buy will it  be less expensive and availability of the spare parts those are the things one should look upon before making a desicion thanks for the opportunity to talk

  1. List and describe the advantages and disadvantages of building a system from the ground up.


- You can select every component that goes into your system
- You don't get anything you don't need/want
- Sometimes the warranty on an individual component is longer than a warranty on a pre-built system
- You learn a lot about how computers work
- You can possibly save money
- You don't have to use Windows if you don't want to 


- Can be intimidating for a first-timer (but it truly isn't that hard)
- Researching parts can take time
- The only tech support available is on web forums (free) or your local system retailer (not free)
- setting a system is expensive because it require a lot of money

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