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Find the indicated probability. Round to the nearest thousandth.
 A study conducted at a certain college shows that 56% of the school's graduates find a job in their chosen field within a year after graduation. Find the probability that among 6 randomly selected graduates, at least one finds a job in his or her chosen field within a year of graduating.      

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p(finding a job)= 0.56

p(not findung a job)= 0.44

this is a binomial problem: n=6

p(1 out of 6 find a job)=1-p(none out of the six find a job)

p(1 out of 6 find a job)= 1-(0.44)^6

p(1 out of 6 find a job)= 1-0.007256

p(1 out of 6 find a job)= 0.9927

p(1 out of 6 find a job)= 0.99

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