how to graph, where to shade, and should line be dotted or solid?

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Find the graphical solution of the inequality.

3y + 1 > 0

(i need the points to graph the inequality/ line)

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To solve an inequality first set it to 0. Thus 

3y+ 1=0

=>. 3y=-1

=>. y= -1/3

The solution will be the area above or below the straight line whose equation is y=-1/3. The area above the line should be shaded for a > (greater than)sign. And for a < sign the area below should be shaded. In this case we have > sign so area above the line will be shaded.

Now the line itself will be solid if the inequality sign is >= (greater than equal to) or <= (less than or equal to). But if the inequality sign is just > or <, the line will be this case it will be a dotted line.

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