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The information regarding this company is attached. It's a fitness center + day care + spa, and more, all in one location. The following needs to be addressed, first the environmental analysis, two single spaced paged regarding the marketing environment, then one page of the marketing objective.

Environmental Analysis (2 pages)

The Marketing Environment

Competitive Forces. What is the competitive structure of this market? Who are the leader and followers? What are the competitive positions of the major players? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What response can we expect from our competition if we change our marketing mix? How does the structure of the industry affect competitive forces in the industry?

Economic Forces. What is the general economic condition of the country, region, state, or local area? Are the consumers optimistic or pessimistic about the economy? What is the buying power of consumers in our target market(s)? What are the current spending patterns of consumers in the target market(s)?

Sociocultural Forces. How are society’s demographics and values shifting? What opportunities and effect will these changes have on our operations? What is the general attitude of society about the industry, company, and product(s)? What consumer or environmental groups could intervene in the operations of the industry or company? What ethical issues should we address?

Technological Forces. What impact has changing technology had on our target market(s)? What technological changes will affect the way we operate or manufacture our products? What technological changes will affect the way we conduct marketing activities? Do any technological advances threaten to make our product(s) obsolete?

Political Forces. Have recent elections changed the political landscape? What type of industry controls do our new elected officials favor? Legal and Regulatory Forces. What changes in federal, state, or local government regulation are being proposed that would affect the way we operate?

Marketing Objectives (1 page)

What is the specific and measurable outcome and time frame for completing this objective? How does this objective take advantage of a strength or opportunity? How does this objective convert a weakness or threat? How is this objective consistent with the firm’s goals and mission?

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Glorivy Hidalgo Edyl Palacios Nicole Bartley Sherise Rouse Danraj Parray According to Baby Center (surveying 7000 mothers), 61% of new moms said they expected to be back down to their pre-pregnancy weight by their baby's first birthday. Also, data tells that the tested moms of 1- to 2-year-olds, nearly 60 percent were still carrying at least a few added pounds. 87% of women say their stomach still hasn't returned to normal. Nearly half of our moms said their breasts are different now, and 37 percent said they have wider hips. But the post-baby tummy or “baby fat”, is what really seems to blow most moms away. One to two years after having their baby, 86 percent of women say their belly still hasn't returned to normal. Most women can relate when it comes to their low self-esteem. Being a mother changes everything. It changes their bodies, their way of thinking, their entire life. Once you have a child, you’re not who you used to be a few months ago. There are plenty of women that can say they “lost their figure” by all of the pregnancy weight they put on and are having trouble getting rid of. Everyone can have a different situation but there’s many who have a tough time because of stress and everything going on around them. Our goal at Mommy & Me Fitness is to help those mothers who are having a tough time losing weight and gaining their self-confidence back because of certain circumstances. One of the most important services Mommy & Me Fitness provides is childcare. As you workout and let go of some stress, we’ll take care of your children. For those single moms out there who can’t count on anyone to watch their child for a while, can count on us. And for those who can’t seem to find anything they can enjoy, we offer a variation of classes that can possibly be what you’ve been looking for. We offer classes such as Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga, Swimming Classes, Cycling, Pilates, HIIT Training, Cross-Fit Training and so much more. These classes are for all ages being that we offer 3 different levels. Perhaps, our late evening classes and flexible facility hours would help you fit a class into your schedule. would be one of the most appreciated by the moms with the hectic and lengthy schedules. Mothers are in need of a place where they can feel safe and sound with stress-free activities. Being a mother usually means around the clock care for children, and it can mitigate other aspects of her life as a result. We notice through many forums, videos, and even organizations, that the need for a child-centered facility for moms to relieve stress is a growing trend. Mothers do their best with fitness, such as taking a few minutes at home, going for walks with their kids, etc., but the lack of consistency due to life revolving around one’s kids is still present. Surveying suburban areas as well as common rural communities just so happens to yield large numbers of women in need of fun activities to restore their energy, confidence, and more. More and more we see mothers try to balance day care, therapeutic services, exercise, and more, and it’s clear there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish said needs, especially when the search for said services are usually never in the same county. They’d be lucky to get their nails done a week before a social event with their overwhelming schedules, but that’s where our facility comes in. Looking through multiple company profiles, it’s noticeable that gyms are more generic, not specializing or catering to a specific niche. And whilst that works for gyms such as Crunch and Blink, it tends to attract very active crowds, all the whilst having other groups shy away from the sheer popularity and peak times of a the gyms. Whilst we aren’t the first to specialize in mother-based gyms, we are the only one to offer a day care as well as spa services. Take, for example, Mommy Fix Fitness. Taking off at the beginning of this year based in Florida, the company sought out to give mothers the opportunity to work out together, to take care of their premarital as well as post baby bumps. However, whilst affordable classes are present, it’s limited in time frames as well as specific group training, without the inclusion of children on the premises. Another example is MomLifeFitness which is located in Arkansas. Founded in 2010, the company had a unique take on mom fitness by involving toddler accessories, such as strollerbased exercise classes. Innovative, but their programs are overall simplistic, as they are basically just a stepping stone to get back into a regular gym lifestyle, nothing more nothing less. These fitness centers are becoming successful as the need for mom-based gyms arise, but we’re expanding and giving mothers relief through our day care, hours, and various levels of programs. Perhaps the most comparable would be Fun Family Fitness located in Texas. This company was founded in 2006 and 5,000 square feet of activities such as swimming, boxing, even a batting cage. They also offer a day care service, though it’s not extensive. Its downfall is certainly its lack of marketing, as there isn’t enough social media presence (with their website only updating posts once or twice a year), but it truly shows potential with its large community. With more effort put into market segmentation, Fun Family Fitness can expand further. Mommy & Me will be much more consistent with updating websites as well as being active with Facebook and other social media outlets. Another comparable company similar to Mommy & Me is Equinox Fitness which differs as a well established fitness gym with over 178 locations. Interestingly enough Equinox operates several separate fitness brands such as Equinox, PURE, Yoga, Blink Fitness and SoulCycle. Equinox's daycare is known as Kids Club which is a safe place for members to leave their kids while they work out. The unique thing about the child care services offered by Equinox is that they are offered by highly trained childhood education specialists. Unlike Equinox, Mommy & Me fitness seeks to include child care services in our gym membership packages as opposed to charging per child, per visit or service. In addition, we are not just a daycare but we have fitness programs, activities and equipment for children to reinforce the importance of staying fit and active. Lastly, our daycare is not your typical daycare setting but rather acts as a daycare but really functions as a children's fitness center. References “Family Fun Fitness.” Library Log In, 2006, &newsCompanyDuns=NONE. Accessed on November 8, 2018. “Mommy Fix Fitness.” Library Log In, 2018, &newsCompanyDuns=NONE. Accessed on November 8, 2018. “Mommy Life Fitness.” Library Log In, 2010, &newsCompanyDuns=NONE. Accessed on November 8, 2018. Team 2: Marketing Proposal Business Name: Mommy & Me Fitness Introduction To all the mothers out there who cannot seem to find the time or babysitter to workout and lose some weight or stay in shape, we might be the place for you. This gym will offer classes to any mothers who seem to have no time to make it to the gym or can’t find any motivation to do so. We will offer plenty of services to make sure you never get bored. No babysitter? No problem! We have an onsite care center as you workout. Product and Services Apart from the basic gym equipment you can find at gyms, we will be offering plenty of classes. These classes include yoga, cycling, aerobics, zumba, bootcamp, swimming classes, cross-fit and mommy and me classes that will be offered once a month. Those classes include: swimming, zumba, yoga, cardio and aerobics classes. We will also have personal trainers and nutritionists, which will be included in the membership. There will be community events to connect with fellow members, as well as a variety of activities for children of all ages. We will also include a department for a relaxing spa, therapy, physical and psychiatric care, for those who are struggling with this endeavor known as life. The goal being that we want to make this organization as caring and dedicated as possible. To make our services more convenient, the children’s day care is only a few steps away within the facility. Our gym is generally catered towards all women, but we’re specifically addressing the fitness and health needs of mothers, typically from the ages of 20-50. Given how busy their lives are with a family, job, school, etc., we wanted to give them an outlet where they can exert some of that stress through exercise, without the worry of feeling alienated. The gym’s hours are: Monday-Friday 5AM until 12AM Saturday 5AM until 8PM and Sundays 5AM-6PM. One service we offer in our center is the “Stride with Mine” workout. This 60 minute workout is incorporated of cardio and core training, strengthening challenges, while also having a fun time with the little ones with music and activities. It’ll be a worthwhile experience and you will leave the day more energized and more connected with your little blessing! We understand in most cases women tend to lose their figure after giving birth. The next service we offer you is the “Baby Where?” workout. This 8 week program consists of regaining that wonderful figure you once had. You would look like you didn’t gave birth the first place! The military style 60 min daily session is created to strengthen and empower you to a whole other level. And it doesn’t stop there! We also provide nutrition advice tips to educate and direct you to the path of a healthier lifestyle! If you are too tired to work out but can use a little “me time” our spa deck would be the perfect place for you. Our spa will include infrared saunas, a hydrotherapy pool, massages, facials, body treatments, and a nail salon. The saunas and hydrotherapy pool will aide in rejuvenation of the body and mind as well as recovery from fatigue. Our saunas also have anti-aging and detoxifying benefits and specializes in relief in headaches, achy muscles and stress. Our hydrotherapy pool helps stretch out stiff muscles and improve fitness levels. There will also be a bar poolside which will include delicious smoothies and alcoholic beverages. Our nail salon are by appointments but also take walk-ins. There’s plenty of gyms, day-cares, etc., plenty of options out there. However, that’s added expenses throughout different counties, as finding the “perfect” gym, spa, daycare, etc., is never an easy task. The community of Mommy & Me is second to none. With our quality equipment, certified staff, convenient locations, and package membership deals (including free trial classes offered), we believe women will feel right at home knowing their children are safe and sound within arms reach, as well as feeling satisfied with their workout sessions. Business Development Strategy This business provides a unique and convenient opportunity for moms to stay fit without being inconvenienced by motherly duties and responsibilities. What sets us apart from other gyms or fitness centers is the fact that we cater to moms and children specifically. Mommy & Me seeks to bring innovation to the fitness industry by meeting a need that has been somewhat “overlooked" for decades. For many years moms have had a difficult time going to the gym and one of the leading reasons has been due to lack of childcare resources. Our business will provide a plausible solution to help moms solve this recurring problem. We know we will face challenges along the way as an innovative startup company. Potential challenges of the business may include being able to successfully market to moms (specifically millennials), utilizing social media platforms to engage our customers and brand our business and expand locally and globally. How are we different? There are plenty of gyms out there, but what makes Mommy & Me Fitness unique is that we’re the only gym offering a variety of services in one location. Do you ever realize that cross-fit fitness centers are usually in a separate location from a regular gym? Or spa services are only offered in Spas, and mommy & me classes in a different location. Furthermore, day care services are very limited and locations are strenuous. With our format, the hours are more lenient, and the staff are on-site and reliable, giving moms a “safe at home” feeling for their children whilst eliminating their stress. We want to make it easy and convenient for everyone. If you’re in the mood to meet with your personal trainer, or take any of the classes offered or come in for a massage, you can come in and decide what you’re in the mood for right on the spot. No need to leave our Facility once you do decide, even if you want to just relax and have a smoothie without hearing “mommy” repetitively just for a moment, “Mommy and Me Fitness” will be the place for you.
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