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What is the mass in grams of 7.5 * 10 ^15 atoms of nickle? (show work)

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Hi, Simplyamazin! So what we need to do to find the moles is take the atoms of nickel over the atoms per mole.

So: (7.5 * 10 ^15)/ (6.02 *10^23) = 1.25 * 10^-8 moles

Now, we need to convert moles to grams. When we look at the periodic table, we see that there are 58.7 grams per mole of Nickel (look at atomic weight). Now we just need to multiply the atomic weight (grams per mole)  by the amount of moles we have (1.25 *10^-8)

This gives us: (1.25 * 10 ^ -8) * 58.7 = 7.3 * 10 ^ -7

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