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Based on the diagram below, which renewable energy source should the United States concentrate on increasing?Determine the pros and cons of each type of energy source to help you determine your opinion of the best energy source to increase. Cite all sources used.

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CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Objectives: 1. To design fundamental experiments involving principles of chemistry 2. To exercise Critical Thinking in formulating a conclusion based on evidence 3. To exercise Empirical and Quantitative Skills through application and analysis with numerical data 4. To exercise Visual Communication through understanding and communicating ideas through images or graphs. 5. To exercise Written Communication through the development and expressing ideas in writing and the use of credible sources 6. To exercise Teamwork through positive interactions and quality contributions. Materials: • • • • Equipment available in the lab Glassware available in the lab Chemicals available in the lab Unknown Introduction: In Chemistry, we work to develop the skills listed in the Objectives. This lab will utilize these skills as well as your knowledge of chemistry and chemical laboratory skills. You will draw on all of your previous lab experience to perform this lab. Once you are given the unknown and the question, discuss the problem carefully and outline a reasonable procedure. Do this before you begin your procedures. Please read the teamwork questions below and keep these in mind as you work together. Teamwork is an essential component in the work place and is a skill that you should work to develop. • • • • • Briefly describe your contribution to the group. In what way did your contribution help the group determine the unknown by the deadline? How did you help or encourage one of your partners? How did you foster a positive team climate? Reflect on how you treated your lab partners and how you motivated each other. How did you respond to any conflicts with your partners? In this lab, you will also work on a case study and look up credible sources to help you solve it. The web has many sources but not all are credible. A credible source is one that you can trust. Some examples of credible sources are journal articles by respected and well known scientists, websites from major institutions such as the Mayo Clinic or NASA. The domain ending in .edu is reserved for educational institutions. The .gov domain indicates a government website. These two domains are usually trusted as credible sources. Examples of non-credible sources include (but are not limited to) blogs, unsubstantiated emotional opinions, facebook posts, self-authored websites, websites not from a government sources or without citations. Some considerations when viewing a source is who the author is and if the information is current. Be careful to check your spelling and grammar in your writing. Once the lab report is complete, upload it to ecampus. North Lake College has a writing lab at the Academic Success Center if you need help writing your report. For more information, go to www.northlakecollege.edu and search for Writing Center. Procedure: A. Determining Unknown: 1. Work in groups as directed by the instructor. 2. The instructor will present each group with an unknown and a question regarding the unknown. 3. Record the question you are trying to answer about your unknown. 4. Read the teamwork questions on the lab report and keep these in mind as you work together. 5. Working with your group and using the available materials in the lab, outline a procedure to answer the question about the unknown. 6. Show your lab instructor your procedure outline for him/her to OK it before you start. 7. Record your procedure in an orderly step by step manner on your the Report Sheet. 8. Follow your procedure and record any data in the Quantitative Results section of the Report Sheet. Make any needed adjustments to the procedure as you proceed. 9. In the conclusion section of the Report Sheet, answer the question about your unknown, using your results to back up your conclusion. State your conclusion clearly, so that anyone reading your report will understand how you arrived at the conclusion. WASTE DISPOSAL: Dispose of any unknown in the waste container. B. Case Study: 10. Work on the case study outside of the lab. You may work with your team. 11. Use the web to gather any needed information. Assess the reliability or credibility of the source and only use credible sources. 12. Cite all sources used. 13. Write your opinion based on the evidence. Check spelling and grammar. C. Teamwork Assignment: 14. When the lab is completed, reflect on your experience in the group. 15. Answer the teamwork questions at the end of the lab. These questions must be answered individually outside of the lab. Choose two answers for each question. Click a box to select it. Click the box again to unselect. 16. Upload your completed Report Sheet to ecampus before your next lab. Instructions on how to upload your Report Sheet can be found in ecampus. North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 2 Nov 2017 Experimental Design Lab Report Sheet Name Date Partners Case Study / 25 Report / 50 Teamwork / 25 Total / 100 A: Determination of Unknown Unknown Number: ____________ Question: Procedures: North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 3 Nov 2017 Quantitative Results: Show all your work with any calculations. Conclusion: North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 4 Spring 2017 B: Case Study Based on the diagram below, which renewable energy source should the United States concentrate on increasing? Determine the pros and cons of each type of energy source to help you determine your opinion of the best energy source to increase. Cite all sources used. North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 5 Nov 2017 C: Self-Evaluation Form for Teamwork Assignment Directions: A team is a group of two or more people who work together for a common goal. For each statement, choose two responses that best describe your experience working in this team. Be honest! Your self-evaluation is only a process to help you see how you are doing and how you might improve your teamwork skills the next time. Contribution to Team Meetings: Describe your contribution during the team assignment. Choose two responses that best describe your experience. ☐ I did not share my ideas in team meetings. (T) ☐ I helped the team move forward with the best plan for the assignment by constructively analyzing all the presented ideas. (S) ☐ I offered a strategy using the ideas of others to complete the assignment. (M) ☐ I shared my ideas in team meetings, and they were accepted by the team. (A) ☐ I shared my ideas in team meetings, but they were not accepted by the team. (E) Facilitates the Contributions of Team Members: Describe your contribution in engaging the team members during the team activity: Choose two responses that best describe your experience. ☐ I encouraged discussions and restated my teammates’ contributions to the team activity. (A) ☐ I engaged my teammates and encouraged them to contribute their ideas toward our goal; I also encouraged non-participating team members to get involved. (S) ☐ I finished my part and waited for my teammates to finish their parts. (T) ☐ I listened to my teammates without interrupting. (E) ☐ I worked to blend the contributions of my teammates into an organized team activity. (M) Individual Contributions Outside of Team Meetings: Describe your contributions to your team when you were preparing for the activity: Choose two responses that best describe your experience. ☐ I carefully read the assignment so that I was familiar with the requirements before coming to the class or team meeting. (A) ☐ I collaborated with my teammates to ensure our assignment was finished on time and met the team’s expectations. (S) ☐ I did not review the assignment before coming to the class or team meeting. (T) ☐ I looked over the assignment but did not work prior to coming to the class or team meeting. (E) ☐ I studied the assignment thoroughly and was very familiar with the expectations for teammates before coming to the class or team meeting. I knew exactly what I was to do. (M) North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 6 Nov 2017 Fosters Constructive Team Climate: Describe the work attitude of your team: Choose two responses that best describe your experience. ☐ Teammates helped each other build a constructive team climate. (A) ☐ Teammates motivated each other by expressing confidence about the importance of the task and the team’s ability to accomplish it. (S) ☐ Teammates treated each other respectfully by being polite in their communication. (E) ☐ Teammates used positive tones and body language to convey a positive attitude about the team and its work. (M) ☐ Teammates worked independently of each other without really working as a team. (T) Responds to Conflict: Sometimes team members disagree with how things should be done. These disagreements are common. How did you respond to any conflicts or disagreements with your partner/team? Choose two responses that best describe your experience. ☐ I agreed with my teammates simply to avoid conflict/disagreements. (E) ☐ I changed the subject to something we both could agree on whenever there were conflicts/disagreements. (A) ☐ I got visibly upset when people disagreed with me. (T) ☐ I identified and acknowledged the conflict/disagreement and listened attentively to my teammate as they explained their position. (M) ☐ I talked through the conflict with my teammate and we resolved the issue in a way that we were both satisfied. (S) Comments: Use this space to share your thoughts about working with this team. Click or tap here to enter text. Once you have completed the Teamwork Self-Evaluation Form, follow your teacher’s instructions to save it and upload it in eCampus. North Lake College CHEM 1411 Experimental Design Lab p. 7 Nov 2017
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Renewable Source of Energy




Renewable Source of Energy
Geothermal Energy
It is environmental friendly regarding its production as well as its use as there are zero
emissions. No fuel is needed for its production as there is no mining or any form of
transportation. It has abundant supply thus it is dependable.
It is only suitable for some selected regions specifically those near the geothermal
heating. The initial costs are high especially for single homeowners which is approximately 15,
000 dollars (U.S Energy Information Administration, n.d). It causes surface instability where it
has been linked with accelerating the occurrence of earthquakes as it power plants alters the
structure of the land.
Solar energy
It is environmental friendly when harnessing the solar power though there is some
environmental pollution in the manufacturing of the solar panel systems. It is abundant where the
potential of solar energy is high where the earth surface receives about 120, 000terawats sunlight
(U.S Energy Information Administration, n.d). Plays an essential role in the reduction of
electricity costs
It is an intermittent source of energy where access to solar energy is limited to a certain
time especially early morning and during the night. Solar energy storage systems such as
batteries are expensive



Wind energy

It is a clean source of power compared to fossil fuels as there is no pollution of the air or
use of destructive chemicals (Win...

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