Why was the North able to defeat in the South in the American Civil War? What im

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Why was the North able to defeat in the South in the American Civil War? What impact did the South’s defeat have on American History?

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was because of the fact that the South had no highly organized government. They had Jefferson Davis (the Confederate president), but his cabinet didn't spend any resources on proper training for the Southern Troops, or regulating certain very important things like supply routes.Also because of their own lack of regulation during construction of the railways.

The Confederate States of America, were never able to unify themselves to fight the war. This was shown when state governors refused to send soldiers to fight the war and when states threatened to secede from the Confederacy.

Beyond that, Robert E. Lee is more responsible for loosing the war than any other single individual. This is often missed because Lee won every battle he ever fought except for Antietam which was a draw and Gettysburg. But while he was winning battles he was loosing soldiers he could not afford to loose. He ignored the most basic axiom of Henri Jomini, who he had studied at West Point. The axiom was conserve your men. He wasted his men and believed he was winning because the Union Army had more losses than he did.

Then he denied General John Pemberton at Vicksburg the support that cost the Confederacy control of the Mississippi. Pemberton had been orders to stay and hold Vicksburg. When Grant was tearing up the countryside around the city and the railroads in Jackson, MS, Pemberton sent to Davis for help. Davis consulted with Lee and Lee argued he needed the men. The Confederacy abandoned Vicksburg and the war in the west was lost there.

Lee needed his men for an invasion he believed would turn the war around and win it. He would march into Pennsylvania, take Harrisburg, go east to Philadelphia and take Philadelphia. Then he would go south to Baltimore and the people would welcome him with open arms. Washington DC would be surrounded by Confederates, there would be massive losses and Lincoln would be forced to come to terms. With the lives Lee had already wasted he needed every man he could get to do this. And he began.

His men needed shoes. There was a shoe factory on the way and it was a good opportunity for them to get shoes. The factory was in Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg does not need retelling; Lee's Army of Northern Virginia lost so many men that Lee was never able to mount an offensive again.

General James Longstreet was a Confederate who correctly saw why Gettysburg could not be won but Lee refused to listen to him. After the battle Lee came up to Longstreet and said "General. Assemble your men."

Longstreet paused. After several moments he looked directly at Lee and said "General Lee, sir. I have no more men."

Lee escaped to retreat to Petersburg and Richmond but the tide of the war had turned and it was only a matter of time until it was over.

To win the war the Union had to occupy and control hundreds of square miles of territory with a hostile population. The Confederacy had only to avoid loosing. Had Lee done as he was taught at West Point and fought a defensive war and conserved his men the Confederacy could have outlasted the Union and it would have won. Instead Lee wasted his men in battle after battle until the massive slaughter at Gettysburg. That is how the Confederates lost the war

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