What are examples of positive and negative reinforcement and punishment

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What are examples of positive and negative reinforcement and punishment. What is the major difference between reinforcement and punishment

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Reinforcement and Punishment
Reinforcement is defined as the behavior of increasing the probability of an action from
occurring in the future by delivering or removing a stimulus when an action is done. Punishment
on the other hand is the process that reduces the possibility of an action occurring in the future by
having a consequence.
Examples of positive punishment
Positive punishment involves the process of adding an aversive stimulus which triggers the
deterring of a behavior. An example would be when a student arrives late to school is told to
come an hour earlier the whole of the week. The student will benefit by arriving to school early
but it’s still a punishment to deter the lateness.
Example of negative punishment
Negative punishment on the other hand involves removing a pleasant stimulus so as to deter a
specific behavior. A good example is when a child gets a reduced the television watching time
since they never worked on their homework. Another example would be punishing a child for
talking back to an adult.

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Example of negative reinforcement
The process involves removing an aversive stimulus with an aim of enhancing a specific
behavior (DeRosa, 168). A good example is when a child w...

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