Can you write a paper/make a presentation on a significant cultural issue affecting leadership that you have identified

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Descriptions is going to be attached on a word document. Its due on SUNDAY December 2nd. Let me know if you can do it for me! Please try and use the book text APA format pleaseeeee

Chin, J., Trimble, J. (2015). Diversity and leadership. Los Angeles: Sage. ISBN-13: 978-1452257891

Molinsky, A. (2013). Global dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press ISBN-13: 978-1422187272

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Each student will write a paper/make a presentation on a significant cultural issue affecting leadership that they have identified. You will present the problem and provide solution(s) as appropriate based on your learning from this course. Cite your source(s) using APA format at the end of the Paper/Presentation. The paper will be at least 4 pages including an APA title page for reports, use 12 point Times New Roman font, and be formatted with 1" margins. You may also chose to provide a voice thread, screencast o matic, (click links for websites) youtube, or narrated powerpoint presentation for this project. The expectation is the presentation will be approximately 5 minutes, and include your Refences at the end.
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Racial Discrimination
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Most often, culture is taken to mean the language and the religion of a country. However,
as noted by Chin, Trimble, & Garcia, (2017), there is more to culture than these two components.
Ideally, culture is a broad term that encompasses several areas of human life. Culture can,
therefore, be taken to mean the way of life of people. By this, it means culture entails the
cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, and
hierarchies. It also encompasses religion, notions of time, roles, and spatial relations, concepts of
the universe, and material objects and possessions for a specific group of people. Over the years,
the culture has been compromised where some groups of people disregard others they do not
share the same cultural beliefs (Chin, Trimble, & Garcia, 2017). One such concern that arises
disregarding other people cultural beliefs and which is a concern for leaders is racial
What Racial discrimination Encompasses
According to U.S. Department of Education, (2015), in simple terms, racial
discrimination can be taken to mean the unequal treatment of an individual or a group of people
as a result of their race or ethnicity. Two different ways of defining the term discrimination have
been suggested: differential treatment and ...

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