Write the balanced NET IONIC equation for the reaction that occurs when ammonium

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Write the balanced NET IONIC equation for the reaction that occurs whenammonium nitrate and barium hydroxide are combined.


This reaction is classified as .
A. Strong Acid + Strong Base
B. Weak Acid + Strong Base
C. Strong Acid + Weak Base
D. Weak Acid + Weak Base

The extent of this reaction is: .
A. ... Below 50%
B. ... 50%
C. ... Above 50%
D. ... 100%

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The chemical formulas for barium nitrate and ammonium carbonate are Ba(NO3)2 and (NH4)2CO3. The reaction between barium nitrate and ammonium carbonate is a double displacement reaction. Barium nitrate reacts with ammonium carbonate to yield barium carbonate and ammonium nitrate. The balanced equation for the reaction is;

Ba(NO3)2 + (NH4)2CO3 ------ > BaCO3 + 2NH4NO3

The net ionic equation is;

Ba+2 + CO3-2 + 2NH4+1 + NO3-1 ------ > BaCO3 + 2NH4NO3

reaction is of weak acid and strong base

extent of reaction is above 50 percent

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