please use handout to answet these two questions

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 write three or four paragraph  ...Select five characters to join you on this expedition. What factors did you consider in making your selection?

Jun 6th, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to help you with your question!

Elements of plot structure

exposition,rising action,climax,falling action,resolution/denouement

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I'm always happy to answer your questions.
Jun 6th, 2015

i'm sorry it goes with a handout. Here's the handout..

Handout for Discussion 8: Survivor Island

Directions: You have been chosen to assemble a team of five lucky people to take with you on an expedition to a remote, deserted island. Your goal there is to interact with the indigenous people. What awaits you is uncertain, though you will all need survival skills and a sense of humor to thrive. You interview the following 10 people from whom you will make your selections:

  1. Tom, age 19, from North Carolina. Tom is a freshman at a nearby university, studying philosophy. He has limited camping experience but has a knack for thinking outside the box. He is friendly and open in your interview and expresses eagerness for adventure.

  2. Padma, age 25, from Mumbai, India. Padma recently became a registered nurse. Although she does not speak fluent English, she is a fast learner and is well-versed in world cultures. She is soft-spoken in your interview and does not seem to assert herself.

  3. Sheila, age 30, from New York. Sheila has a degree in anthropology and is a curator of a museum that focuses on the arts and peoples of the Caribbean. She admits that she has a hot temper. However, she has spent a year studying the language of the tribe you will visit.

  4. Manuel, age 38, from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Manuel grew up in a poor town in rural Mexico and has become a very successful deep sea fisher. He is at home in the water and fluent in both Spanish and English. However, he admits that he prefers to be in positions of leadership, which may mean conflict for you.

  5. Hanna, age 44, from Oslo, Norway. Hanna made you laugh from the moment you met her. She has experience in cold climates but has never even heard of papaya or other foods native to the island. She has, however, a good deal of fishing experience and currently works as a chef in a large hotel, supervising a kitchen staff of 25.

  6. Kwame, age 49, from Accra, Ghana. Kwame grew up in a small village and has since become a zoologist at a reserve in Ghana. He can speak French, English, and Akan, his local language. He is friendly and open in his interview.

  7. Cem, age 50, from Ankara, Turkey. Cem is a communications specialist at a large telecommunications company. He is used to being in charge of a small team. He is a bit unsure that the adventure is a good fit for him, but wishes to see more of the world.

  8. Tehru, age 57, from Tokyo, Japan. Tehru is a mechanical engineer who is good with tools, instruments, and building things. He is quiet and speaks only limited English, but demonstrates a desire to learn.

  9. Kathy, age 66, from Minneapolis. Kathy is a retired nutritionist who considers her best trait to be her hard-working nature. She is very fit for her age, has traveled the world over, and has worked in team contexts her whole life.

  10. Your best friend. Your best friend also wants to come along. You know this person better than anyone, but you also know his or her strengths and weaknesses inside and out.

Jun 6th, 2015

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Jun 6th, 2015
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