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1.Why did indians at jesuit missions in Brazil live better than those at non-Jesuit spanish missions?

2.what caused north american indian populations to decline after europeans arrived?

3.What did the japanese and chinese decide about trading with europeans, and why they do this?

4.What two ideas did charlemagne use to unite europe under his rule?

5.What kind of government did the ottomans use to control their empire,and what was the result of this form of government? 

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(1)Its members wear no distinctive dress, but simply dress like the local priests

(2)The epidemic disease caused the population decline of theAmerican indigenous peoples

(3)Believed they would receive no benefit from the increased contact with Europeans

(4)he wanted to strengthen & bring order to his kingdom

(5)The Sultans ruled the Ottoman Empire as absolute monarchs; day to day running of the empire was in the hands of the Grand Vizier, the Sultans chief minister. He had a bureaucracy staffed by Adjemi -oglans, part of the Janissary corps. In the provinces, local governors appointed by the Sultan or Grand Vizier were in control. As long as the tribute and taxes kept flowing back to the central government and the governors supplied military contingents for campaigns, these governors were left more or less to their own devices.

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