Create a Web page styled with external CSS that contains at least one graphic.

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Create a Web page styled with external CSS that contains at least one graphic:

  • Your business and Web site goals (already created in the attached document)
  • Steps to achieve those goal (already created in the attached document)
  • Web site audience (already created in the attached document)
  • Storyboard of Web site (already created in the attached document)
  • Media you plan to use (already created in the attached document)
  • Marketing plans and competition (already created in the attached document)
  • Copyright and intellectual property matters. (already created in the attached document)


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Website Goals and Objective Bring your experiences to life. Carden video editing. Business goal of Carden Video editing is to use photos and videos to create memorable masterpiece that can be cherished and relived forever. Primary purpose and focal point of the website is to create travel videos of destinations across the world. Secondary targets includes other special events such as weddings, gender reveal Goals The website will primarily be used as a marketing tool to build the Carden brand. It will be linked to popular social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook with objectives to become a leading brand in the video creation industry. The strategy would require each video to feature two versions. The first video would be a minute or under to target the Instagram audience. The second video would be 3 minutes to engage the Facebook audience. Purpose of Marketing is to drive traffic, engage and attract potential customers and keep re-engage existing customers. The website will serve as a medium for potential customer to communicate and request service to drive sales. The website will also provide a platform for customer support, allow customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. Achieving Website Goals To achieve the goals of becoming a leaders in the video creation industry the following steps would be taken: • • • • Increase social media presence build awareness Create numerous free promotional videos for social media person with large following Create many demo video and pay for promotion to increase foot traffic. Support other start up video creators. The plan is to generate website traffic through social media platforms to reach the target audience Website Audience Audience will be young to middle age working professionals who enjoy travel and are experiencing life events. The anticipated age range is 25-40. This age range convers all the video services that will be provided. Capturing travel, wedding, gender reveal, graduation and other special events that can be cherished. I can empathize with individuals in this age range and will be able to make a true connection. Target Audience specifics • • • • • • • • Age Range- 25-40 Martial Status: Single Personality Types: Extroverts Race- Minorities Gender- Male and Females. Job Description: Professionals make 55k and upward Hobbies include: Travel and exploration Geographic: East coast and southern border Story Board • • • • • • 1: Welcome to a world of exploration where travel experiences are captured and remembered. 2: Picture or video indicating an exotic popular destination such as Paris France Eifel Tower. 3: A group of happy travelers boarding the plane and sharing their experience. 4: group of travels assembling together and sharing a meal 5: a video depicting the experience. 6: Happy customer and testimonial Welcome Page Exotic Destination Group Travelers Group Travlers sharing a meal Video of Experience TESTIMONIALS Site will be 1 page. Background colors will be warm (a dark green) front colors will be vibrant (bright orange, red and blue) Media Picture and video will be the primary screen media used. Videos will indicate footage from trips capture and summarized. Testimonials will engage the viewers. Large and fancy fonts will the center and focal point. Braille will be used for feedback from users. Handheld media will also be used since the target market will advertise on social media. Marketing Plans and competition Marketing Plan: indirectly compete with bloggers, youtubers, podcasters and other social media professionals for likes and social media following. Direct competition will be videographers, video editors, and film makers and travel photographers. Broad Competition: anyone creating or making videos for professional or promotion purposes. This includes event and party promoters. The marketing promotion will focus on an individual niche: capturing lifetime memories of travel. The target market holds travel with high value. Catch travel videos with pulsating music will be used to catch the customer’s attention. Social media will be used often. A consistent schedule of posting and interactive feedback will keep customers engaged. Specific times of the day, and specific times of the month. An assessment will be made to determine when the most traffic is generated. Other advertising venues that will be used is to join travel groups across the country to various regions and offer video photography packages. Social media celebrities with larger following will also be paid to advertise the brand. The image that will be projected to customer is fun, vibrant and energetics. Slogan: live your best life, and capture it too. Copyright As the creator of the brand Seann Carden also known as King Carden Brand KCB, all videos used for marketing and presented on the website will be copyrighted. Promotional videos will require consent before use. All videos used should have the logo KCB or Seann Carden displayed either at the beginning of end of the video. Copyright rules will indicate all the technical and general specifications in regards to webpage viewing and video use.
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