Why do communication satellites have different aerials and positional orbits ?

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Geosynchronous satellites are great in that they show up in the same piece of the sky all the time however they are far away, around 23,000 miles so there is a detectable time postpone in interchanges. For a few interchanges like TV, this doesn't make a difference however for something like the Internet or telephone, it plays ruin with correspondences. Lower circles can be as meager as 100 miles away however the scope would need to be changed from satellite to satellite. Normally the distinctive circles would require diverse aerials. 

Note that with long term robotized UAV's, maybe high height sun powered controlled zeppelins, satellites are getting to be old. High height correspondence stages are less costly, have lower latencies, their littler scope territory permits the utilization of cells to better utilize the frequencies and the gear can be cut down for redesigns.

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