What are the average speeds of the car from Lewiston and the car from Vernonvile?

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Lewiston and Vernonville are 128 miles apart. A car leaves Lewiston traveling towards Vernonville, and another car leaves Vernonville at the same time, traveling towards Lewiston. The car leaving Lewiston averages 10 mph more than the other, and they meet after 1 hour and 36 minutes. What are the average speeds of the cars?

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Distance = 128 miles

Let  speed of the car leaving Vernonville be x mph

So the speed of the car that leaves Lewiston is (x + 10) mph

So their relative speed is  x + x + 10 = (2x + 10); since they are travelling in opposite direction.

Time taken to meet = Distance / Relative Speed

T =  1 hr 36 min = 1.6 hr

1.6 = 128/(2x + 10)

1.6(2x + 10) = 128

3.2x + 16 =128

3.2x =112

x =  35 mph

So the average speeds for the cars are 35 mp and 45 mph.

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