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Do the three justice components (police, courts, corrections) constitute a true system? I need detailed please and thank you. 

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The several views of the criminal justice system as it currently operates: the process, network and non-system include the system view and the process view. The three justice components (police, courts, corrections) do constitute a true system. The criminal justice system refers to the system where in laws, rules and regulations, ethics, police and workforce for the prevention of crime are involved. The basic purpose of this system is to ensure justice and equality to all citizens along with security and protection of their rights. It helps create peace and harmony in a nation.

The present criminal justice system is labeling system. There is a legitimate reason to consider that the labeling theory is a crime causation theory and not a crime reducing theory. This is mainly because labeling leads to a permanent destruction of reputation to the convict and leads to several obstacles or hindrances in them being able to find a decent way of living as well as earning.

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