how many tiles will he need?

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Raj builds a side table in the shape of a cube each edge of the cube measures 20 inches raj want to cover the top and four sides of the table with ceramic tiles each tile has an edge length of 5 inches. How many tiles will he need.

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Edge length of table,a = 20 in

Area of side of table = a^2 = 20^2 = 400 in^2

Edge length of tile,a = 5 in

Area of tile = a^2 = 5^2 = 25 in^2

Number of tiles needed on one side 

= Area of side of table / Area of tile

= 400/25

=  16

Number of tiles needed for top and 4 sides of the table

= (1 + 4)*16

= 5*16

= 80 tiles

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