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 a brief description of the bias (thinking error) you selected and how it has influenced your interactions with people of other cultures. as

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Biases often allow people to see themselves in a more favorable light. Some biases include egocentric bias, over-confidence bias, status quo bias, ingroup bias, the halo effect, false consensus bias, and projection bias.

Culture provides structure, guidelines, expectations, and rules to help people understand and interpret behaviors. Several ethnographic studies suggest there are cultural differences in social consequences, particularly when it comes to evaluating our emotions and behaviors and those of others . Cultural scripts dictate how positive and negative emotions should be experienced and perceived. For example, research suggests that in Western cultures, the dominant social script is to maximize positive emotions and minimize negative emotions. In Eastern cultures, the dominant cultural script is grounded in "dialectical thinking" and seeking to find a middle way by experiencing a balance between positive and negative emotions

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